• Luxury travel

  • Congresses and Exhibitions

  • Meetings & Events

  • Incentive & Team Building

  • Individual Tours with Style

  • Weddings & Honeymoon

  • Sport Events


Our services range from these emotions that you get in one second to the ones you remember for the rest of your life.

That is why we always assure 100% of responsibility on preparing and coordinating the event and getting a feedback after the event.

With more than 10 years of experience in realizing many beautiful and creative ideas, we are now ready for the most adventurous and expensive projects. We can plan the budget wisely and surprise our clients with creativity and luxury.

All of the major services that we offer are associated with time. That is why we divide these services as following:

  • Luxury travel - LIFE, because daily journey itself is a great luxury, but collecting brilliants of happy moments is not comparable with anything else. For us luxury travel is associated with the whole life.
  • Congresses and Exhibitions - 1 year (all year around). Those who want to be well informed about the latest trends should be active all year round and absorb the ideas coming from congresses and exhibitions.
  • Meetings & Events - 1 week. They are different, but we see a trend of serious weekly events and we are ready to attract such events more and more.
  • Incentive & Team Building - 1 day. This is a time given to us to inspire each of our client and to present the most beautiful and the most interesting in every destination. And this mission has always been possible for us!
  • Individual Tours with Style 1 hour. We create an impression about the country and its possibilities only by 1 hour. We make our guests to fall in love with the destination and be willing to come back again and again .
  • Weddings & Honeymoon from 1 minute till 1 month and the whole life. This successful formula have been passed from one wedding to another.